FGC App Screens

The Feel Great Challenge, a start-up in the weight loss industry, wanted to develop a companion website application to their mobile app. The web application needed to have all the features of the mobile app plus several more helpful features. The app also had to follow the newly developed branding.

I held several close consultations with directors of the company and other key staff to establish the objectives, features and requirements of the website application. I then set about designing the user experience using Balsamiq Mockups to produce wireframes. I held several meetings with the key stakeholders to discuss the wireframes and once we had finalised the user experience, I proceed to the design stage.

During the design stage I designed all the screens of the application using the wireframes as my guide. These screens incorporated the new branding as well as included the design of new features that were web application specific only. The company’s new branding was all about fun, excitement, bright colours and the use of lots of fun, lively graphics and this was factored into the screen designs. These are a selection of the screen designs.

Employer: The Feel Great Challenge
Skills: Design, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Balsamiq Mockups